FWD: Invoice

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Invoice Forwarder?

Invoice Forwarder is an automated service designed to streamline your invoice management process. It automates fetching of invoices from your suppliers and forwards them to your ERP system.

How does it work?

We've successfully automated the job you do every morning. Instead of logging in to your supplier's portal and downloading the invoices, you can now have them delivered to your (or any other) inbox. Invoice Forwarder will automatically fetch the invoices from your supplier's portal and forward them to your ERP system.

Which suppliers are supported?

Currently, Invoice Forwarder supports invoice retrieval from Ford Motor Company , Hyundai, including Hyundai EDOS, and Motor Gruppen AS. If you have a different supplier, please contact us, and we'll probably figure something out.

What are the pricing details?

We offer a 7-day free trial, and after that, we charge based on the number of documents forwarded. For detailed pricing information, visit our pricing page.

How can I get started?

Getting started is easy. Create an account, add a supplier, and enter your login credentials. Configure the email address where you want to receive forwarded invoices.

We don't have a credit card. Can we still use Invoice Forwarder?

It depends. If you are a Norwegian customer, we can send you an invoice for the service. The minimum invoice amount is 2 000,- NOK/200,- EUR (excl. VAT) per month. Please contact us and we'll set it up. Companies from outside Norway must pay by credit card.

In what currencies do you charge?

We charge in NOK, SEK, DKK and EUR. The currency is determined by your location.

How do I add a supplier?

To add a supplier, click the 'Create Forwarder' button on the forwarders page. You'll be prompted to specify the supplier type and provide your portal login details. Once validated, you can set the email address for invoice delivery.

How can I change the email address for invoice delivery?

To update the email address, select the supplier and make the necessary changes. You can also add multiple email addresses, separated by commas.

How can I change my username and password?

To modify your username and password, access the supplier settings and select 'Update credentials.'

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking the 'Billing' link in the top right menu and selecting 'Cancel subscription.'. If you are on an invoice plan, you'll have to contact us, or just set the forwarders as inactive.

How is my data secured?

We take your data security seriously. Your password is encrypted using the AES-256 algorithm. We never store your password in plain text, and we have no way of decrypting it outside of the functions that retrieve the invoices.